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Fall Of Efrafa / Paper Aeroplane - Tharn

Image of Fall Of Efrafa / Paper Aeroplane - Tharn

£4.00 - On Sale

"Tharn" is a re-imagining by Paper Aeroplane of Fall Of Efrafa's song, “Dominion Theology”. It was originally released on 300 Limited edition one sided LP’s with a screen printed B side, which sold out within a week of it's release.

This is the much anticipated CD re-press for those who missed it the first time around. CD is encased in a hand-screenprinted recycled cardboard sleeve with inserts illustrated by Alex from Fall Of Efrafa.

Reviews from and Maximum Rock 'n' Roll.


We have updated the cart to accept orders from the EU, North America & Mexico.
Do keep in mind though if you are from the US, Halo Of Flies are doing a very limited edition to be sold on Fall OF Efrafa's upcoming US tour and will be doing mailorder afterwards if there are copies left.
Any problems ordering, please email -

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